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A pseudo wiki dictionary created by system operators (sysops) rather than by general wiki users through the process of blocking user access or by deleting or altering an entry on the false pretense that it is user vandalism so as to prevent legitimate user entries from being posted with which any sysop might disagree.
I could not find the word sysoptionary listed in the Wiktionary because the Wiktionary has insufficient brain power to comprehend both new and old words.
by Patrick C Eberhart April 21, 2006
A dictionary created by head cops or Thought Police.
You won't find a definition for "Wikpedia" in the sysoptionary.
by Biker Bob April 24, 2006
A dictionary that began as a wiki but ended up being composed by Head Cop (Thought Police) sysops instead.
No words from wiki left when it was converted to a sysoptionary.
by John Welch April 23, 2006
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