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Music with dashes of dance, new wave, pop, indie, electronic, and sometimes goth. Though it Varies from band to band. (Always has a synth)

bands such as Ladytron and Freezepop are synth-pop
by aliali December 13, 2005
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The ultimate use of synthesizers in rock (closest genre it is related to but its place can be disputed) music.
Uses electric sounds, and usually only consist of only synthesizers using the drum parts on them for beats.
Some synth pop bands can be considered glam rock, or electronica however it can reach into almost any genre depending on the band.
Circuit Pop and Asterix are super at that synth pop type thing.
by Cashew Robot April 20, 2006
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Music that is made mainly with synthesizers. It follows the normal pop structure (Verse Chorus Bridge). Pioneered by bands like Kraftwerk. Uses lots of Ostanatos (short repeated melodies).
Erasure's "I love to Hate you" is a good synthpop song
by Biopharmer May 01, 2008
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