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Something that nobody on urban dictionary realizes exists. As can be easily seen through the pronunciation of words like wordcool. Note that multiple pronunciations have multiple hypens, and a hyphen denotes a syllabic break, when cool is only one syllable and needs no hyphenation.
Cool is a one syllable word, but apparantly is pronounced K-ew-l, which is 3 syllables.
Slut is also one syllable, but according to some jackass, it is pronounced S-Lut.
by visual77 September 02, 2003
A syllable is one part of a word. For example, the word syllable has THREE syllables. It is sih-la-bul, not S-hil-a-b-le!!

Use it or lose it!!
Learn to count the number of syllables in a word, you dictionary newbies.
by brahm2 September 28, 2003
A word that some people think has too many of itself
"Antidesistablishmentarianism" has too many syllables. "Syllables" has too many syllables!
by Cassidy Peterson January 20, 2004