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Acronym for "See you later." Especially effective when you -really- have to leave quickly.
Oop, something's come up. I'll syl.
by Raenis January 02, 2005
See You Later
SYL boys and girls Ill be gone tomorrow
Aite Ill SYL Boogiey Grace Bartlett
by Mr. be safe always July 08, 2014
i went to see SyL in concert a couple days ago
by kurtis2k3 June 01, 2006
SYL is an acronym that stands for see ya later or see you later. It is used to tell a friend while chatting on an IM network that you'll talk to them later or you'll see them later.
Thanks for your time Sara, I'll be doing the dishes soon so SYL
by samepignosis November 26, 2012
Second Year Law.

The infamous hardest year of legal studies involving intense legal training. SYL is formed of four full year papers in Criminal, Contract, Property and Public law. Commonly referred to as 'the worst year of your life'.

It's also infamous for the SYL Law Camp class bonding trip and other activities throughout the year involving excessive drinking, nudity and humiliation.
'What're you doing this year?'


'Omg that's killer!'

'Do you SYL?'

'Why didn't I just choose Accounting? :'('
by pear123456 July 03, 2012
It's used as a "nickname" for newbies in the Norvegian Military, or organizations like Red Cross.
It's the contrary for "vet", which is short for "veteran"
"Dude, one year in Red Cross? U'r a syl.
I've been going strong for 8, compared to you, I'm a vet.
by Elliken April 14, 2010
A text word for 'see ya later'.
A: Hey, i'm gonna go to the pub, SYL.
B: SYL, as I will go to the strip club.
C: SYL guys, 'cause I gotta go take a piss.
by loggerheadman321 August 02, 2013