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syg- acronym for "so youre gay"?

often used as a comeback when someone says something ignorant, retarded or gay.

but can be used as a response to basically everything.
"yo did you listen to that new taylor swift song???"

"stop being a bitch dude"

"sup bro"

"stfu i swear im not gay"

"bro, im gay"

"i got it in!!!!"


"u mirin jaw brah?"
"so basically what youre trying to say is that youre not gay but you like it up the ass"

"stop youre so annoying smh"
"so essentially what you are implying in this conversation is that ultimately you are gay"
by topher lime September 14, 2011
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Stole Your Glory the act of stealing someone's spotlight and making it all about you. SYG is also snow/skate/skimboarder group that had a YouTube channel and pulls pranks
Look at the sexy guys in the S.Y.G. squad
by Stole Your Glory April 06, 2015
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A gang in the Hardcore Scene.
Short for 'Stand Your Ground.'
They are for the most part against girl moshers/dancers etc.
They like to start shit, and usually jump defenseless people, no matter thier age or gender, to show that they are the shit.
"Those pussies from the SYG are shit talkers, Theyre just white rich pissed off mommies little boys' that try to act bad."

"I hate those fucking SYG Fascists!!!"

"Oh shit, your on the SYG's bad side, look out for the guys with nautical star tattoos, Streched ears, and Black bandanas."

"Damnit, SYG's little sluts are going after every girl mosher, what a bunch of sexist fucks."
by AntiSYG May 22, 2006
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Syg means u stole that dude's girl
Stole Your Girl
Wasssup Mike .
Next person : syg sry
by MikeSygforreal December 04, 2016
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anna & laura are syg that are super hot party chicks!!!
by fgldflk;gjfdkgljdflkgj July 10, 2008
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SYG solidarity at its finest. grammatically correct, politically conscious, open-minded gentlemen who are willing to do whatever it takes, including beating the life out of "anti" narrow-minded kids who hate via the net. better beef than bail.
SYG came over and said bup bup! you are helpless!
by martin evans ave March 08, 2007
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