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verb - to drink excessively, especially cheap domestic beer inside of low class bars or in outdoor urban locations, i.e. stoops, parks, etc.
We're going down to Markey's Bar to swuggle.
by Kara Katsur November 12, 2007
Serious snuggling.
Come over here and swuggle with me, I've missed you.
by imaginif January 23, 2013
It's any and everything possible. It's the 21st Century version of "Smurf".
I'd swuggle that bitch.

Yo, don't swuggle up on me.

Can you pass the swuggle.

I need to watch that show, it's the swuggle.
by Disgusting Breakfast May 06, 2011
A muggle with swag
Hermione's parents were swuggles
by ToastedOnionBagel March 04, 2014