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A long "sweet" with a low drawal, possibly uttered while blazed or wasted.
"Damn that chronic was some swude shit."
by Z May 16, 2004
n. Simply put, a Sweet Dude. One who embodies all that is sweet while at the same time being a dude. This word can be used in both an uplifting manner as well as a derogatory one.(see examples below).
(uplifting version)
Guy 1: "Today I was at the mall and saw Julee. She thanked me for hours of wild sex on Friday night."

Guy 2: "You're such a Swude."

(derogatory version)
Guy 1: "Last night Mike puked all over the girl I was dancing with at the club."
Guy 2: "Mike's a real Swude."
by 2Dice February 04, 2010