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Noun- Term of endearment. Like the sideshow act, a person who is able to swallow long rods of steel down into the belly. See Guiness book.
"Holy cow you fucking swordswallower!! How long has it been since I fingered your girlfriend?!"
10 0
One who can deep throat miles and miles of cock.
That bitch is quite the little sword swallower.
by F. June 23, 2003
88 8
Derogatory name for a homosexual male. Or a deep throating slut could also be called this during the heat of passion.
Man that guy looks like the biggest Sword Swallower in San Francisco. Or...Bro I met this girl a the bar last night, we went out to my truck and I swear she is Sword Swallower in her spare time.
by MoodyJM August 01, 2007
29 8
A girl who deep throats.
I think I'm in love! My new girl is a swordswallower
by mofuckingdude May 14, 2006
14 2
someone who sucks on a penis.
as in swallows penises.
as in swallows swords.
as in sword swallower.
"GOD! Becky didnt wanna go down on me last night!"
"Its okay, shes a sword swallower anyways."
by Savannah and Becky November 03, 2007
12 19