Top Definition
an overweight person
You: Yo, did you peep Kevin's new girl?

Me: Yeah man, hide your food - that chick is a swoller bear. What was he thinking?
by One Rho July 23, 2006
Feel very stupid for one's actions. To be especially swoll as hell.
jackie was swollerbear when she found out the man she was dating had crabs.
by Ptrickzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz June 26, 2007
Someone who is ridiculously ripped, yoked, diesel, and of course swoll.

Someone with so much muscle it is to an unnatural yet badass level.
Bob: "Hey Jerry did you see how buff Chase looked at the dance recital the other day?"
Jerry: "Yeah, Chase is a total swollerbear!"
by pmoneyshugarsocks April 21, 2015
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