shaking with laughter
"Wow I am totally swl-ing right now at that weird teacher!"
by eugol January 03, 2009
Top Definition
shaking with laughter (generally used online)
Sasha: That teacher made me cry so hard that I snarfed all over the desk

Madeline: swl
by Ice Cream Is My Life April 04, 2009
shaking with laughter
Madeline: Andrey was being so funny in ballet class today.
Sasha: Really? What was he doing?
Madeline: He made all of these funny faces and was trying to be "Arabish."
Sasha: HAHAH! SWL!
by doremifasolatido November 15, 2009
Sternly worded letter
Instead of investigating rampant abuses of power, members of congress sent a SWL.
by pips00000000000 March 12, 2009
Smirking/smiling without laughing
You: Yeah sure...
Me: Swl
You: your not funny
Me: swl
by Doof29 July 06, 2015
She was like
I asked what she was doing tonight and swl I have to work.

BBB Lingo.
by BlackberryBandits October 27, 2010
Sharded While Laughing
I was watching Russel Peters when i accidentally swl. Fml.
by Yamottoman October 20, 2009
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