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Means sweet. Derived from "swizeet" which is ghetto for "sweet."
Guy#1: Dude I met Shakira and I got her number! She wants you!
Guy#2: SWIZZY!
by Alexei March 21, 2003
lets get swizzy
by swizzzy December 26, 2010
A deritive of sweet... orignated in the projects of Haddon Twp, NJ. Normally used as an interjection/exclamination.
Fitz: "Yo katie wants you!"
Nick: "SWIZZY!"
by Paul Carillo October 14, 2005
A nickname usually kid who thinks he is all that. Will usually find them saggin' there pants and being noisy
Yo bruh, swizzy over there is actin like such a dickhead!
by Datkilla October 06, 2011
A short way of saying you hope to see someone again at a later time.
Taken from S.Y.W.I.S.Y. which stands for "See you when I see you."
It was nice to see you again. I have to get going or I will be late for class. Swizzy!
by Grimpickle April 10, 2014