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A term coined on dailykos to (erroneously) identify a sockpuppet or troll on absolutely no evidence whatsoever. Often used as a rallying cry for "trusted users" to whip up sentiment for another witch-hunt, er, banning.
You're just another Switters sockpuppet!
by FieldingBandolier February 26, 2007
Switters is a contradiction for all seasons:

an anarchist who works for the government;

a pacifist who carries a gun;

a vegetarian who sops up ham gravy;

a cyberwhiz who hates computers;

a man who, though obsessed with the preservation of innocence, is aching to deflower his high-school-age stepsister (only to become equally enamored of a nun ten years his senior).
i think they are so mental, they are most defiantly switters.

like that of a "emo" trying not to conform, when in reality they are all conforming to dressing in dark clothing, make up and hating on life.
by Mathias-the irish June 07, 2010
To find someone attractive or good looking
Oh that guy over there is looking switters
by Hey handsome April 05, 2016
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