The best music in the game for us rollers out there you know who your are!! This here is some gangsta sheit. If you a roller or if you drank the drank then you will feel this type of music fa sho. I love dis sheit...holla at ya girl...PEACE!
You don't know Swisha house unless you mention Z-Ro da don.
by Slow roll girl December 23, 2005
A Record Label And Group Of Artist Including Dj Micheal Watts, Mike Jones,Paul Wall,And Alot Of Other Texas Artist Mainly Responsable For Bringing Screw Music To The Fore Front.They also Screw and Chop Other Cd's Like Ying Yang Twins USA(United States of Atlanta)and Bone Thugs n Harmony's Greatest Hits.
Swisha House,The Day Hell Broke Lose Vol.1&Vol.2
Houston We Have A Problem-Chamillionaire
by lil fuze January 12, 2006
North Houston rap label. Name derives from Swisher Streets and Acres Homes, two locations where many Big-time Houston rappers hail from
'Diamonds in our mouth, Jammin' on this Swishahouse'
by Sundance Kid May 19, 2007
With Dj Michael 5000 watts choppin,flippin,and screwin the sh** up if michael watts didnt do it then it aint reall screw just some bootleg sh**.
i Always got that screwed shit in my cd changer lil flip
by Daniel Wright February 04, 2004
it means to chop all ya shit up plus take others songs and rip it the way the dirty souf screwed up click do it. like mike jones' r.kelly ignition remix....dats hard.
when i, when i, hear you say, green green light, ima go, yellow yellow light, do it slow, red red light ima a stop.
by yoski January 29, 2004
tigh dro' deals on the spa you dont even have to roll we sale you a swisha rolled up blunt swishahousescrewed record label michael 5000watts magnificent dj paul wall freestyle flows acapellas anything on slow mo' dj screw followers
by shui play my own screwed January 19, 2005
slang for a swisher sweet which is split, emptied, and filled wit grapes.
stop by da store and pick up a swisha house cuz im feelin to get tacked yadadadadadadameeeen
by george tedbetter July 24, 2006
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