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technique used when replacing curses with symbols when chatting/commenting online. to conduct a swipe swear, hold down the shift key and swipe your finger across the number keys in random directions. A great alternative to the asdfjkl;
Ex. 1 (on fb)
Anand: $%^&*()*&^%$%^&*(
Carlos: Oops, swipe swear fail.

Ray: insert angry words here because I'm lazy!!!
Sandra: Dude, just swipe swear
Ray: Oh yeah #$%^&&*()(*&^%^&*()_

Jerry: You guys kno we had homework?
Joe: ^&*()_(*&^%$#@#$%^&*(()(**&^%%$%^&^%$$#@!!!!!!!!!!!
Jerry: Easy on the swipe swear, dude.
by BYAAAA! November 27, 2010
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