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a fast runner
Look at that swingle it is like he flew right past us.
by smitty134 September 17, 2010
12 2
Someone that is single and in the swinging lifestyle. Swingle men frequently use swingle women to gain access to lifestyle parties and events.
We met a lot of hot swingles at the last lifestyle party.
by Stormdude October 25, 2007
28 5
In many relationships, just none exclusively.
"I went out with Alex and Sam last night! I love being swingle!"
by Cassie G April 12, 2007
20 10
A single swinger that's looking for a good time without paying for it.
Is he here with someone? No he's swingle.
by yro002003 July 21, 2011
5 2
a couple who is available to swing
Ben and Jana aren't currently swinging with any other couple so they are swingles right now.
by Ben Whetstone January 24, 2008
1 16
another way to describe a single bisexual,
"i just broke up with bob, i'm ridin the swingles bus at last!"
by carlos866 August 02, 2006
6 24