a fast runner
Look at that swingle it is like he flew right past us.
by Smitty134 September 17, 2010
Top Definition
Someone that is single and in the swinging lifestyle. Swingle men frequently use swingle women to gain access to lifestyle parties and events.
We met a lot of hot swingles at the last lifestyle party.
by Stormdude October 25, 2007
In many relationships, just none exclusively.
"I went out with Alex and Sam last night! I love being swingle!"
by Cassie G April 12, 2007
A single swinger that's looking for a good time without paying for it.
Is he here with someone? No he's swingle.
by yro002003 July 21, 2011
a couple who is available to swing
Ben and Jana aren't currently swinging with any other couple so they are swingles right now.
by Ben Whetstone January 24, 2008
another way to describe a single bisexual,
"i just broke up with bob, i'm ridin the swingles bus at last!"
by carlos866 August 02, 2006
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