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A greasy, long haired person who usually listens to screamo, metal and emo. Some times like to seem "in" with the trends so they listen to the "latest" hip hop song 2 months after its video has been relased. Wears dark clothes, normally band shirts. Hates scene kids and chavs. Complains about being labelled and then starts ranting about chavs. Sits on a wall at wyvern theatre and listens to music on their phone. Usually like to get stoned every weekend so they get 20 different people to chip in 50p to a 10 bag and then go and smoke it in queens park. Goes to town every weekend. They think they're badman. They're idea of a night out is to go to furnace night club and listen to local bands who cannot sing so they bree.
swindon greb1: hey, have you heard soulja boy's new song, crank dat?
swindon greb2: oh em gee yehh i love it
swindon greb1: you going furnace tonight?
swindon greb2: yehhh see you there
by Spazzie April 13, 2008
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