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the time off between swings shift (12:30 pm-12:30 am) and mid shift (8:30 pm-8:30 am) where a person only gets about 30-36 hours to adjust their sleep schedule before another 7 day work week
sailor 1- "Hey man what shift are you going to be on?"
sailor 2- "Just getting off of swings today, going into swids."
sailor 1- "Oh man that's rough, hope you enjoy no time off between 80 hour work weeks."
sailor 2- " Don't remind me."
by bluen'gold October 18, 2010
Sleep When I'm Dead!
Woman 1: You working too hard, You look like you need some sleep.

Man 2: I Got too much to do, I'm in a Swid mood.
by MacBlac66 July 09, 2015
Awesome; variation of sweet
That new hat is so awesomely swid!
by Nickmoose January 23, 2009
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