A pharse used by Internet geeks as

So awesome

its swesome
Haha Wow thats swesome!

My cat is swesome.
by bUllringer November 15, 2009
Top Definition
cool, awesome, sweet, stuff like that.
(origin) invented by some kid that was trying to type "awesome" on a.i.m. but hit the "s" key by accident
Holy moly!! That was SWESOME!!
by d-bloch August 23, 2006
"so" and "awesome" got together, had a baby, & named it swesome.
Man, I am just so freakin' swesome.

Damn I'm looking mighty swesome today.

and so on.
by canadiantexan June 01, 2011
The combination of the words 'Sweet' and 'Awesome.'
Cool Guy 1: "Dude, I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance!"

Cool Guy 2: "Dude, that's swesome!"
by S.lence December 31, 2010
Some one that is called Sam but who is incredible awesome and sexy
Hot chick 1: Oh who is that guy over there

Hot chick 2: Thats Sam, he is so swesome
by Legend wait for it dairy December 08, 2010
Swesome is used in place of the word awesome when referring to something that is more that awesome.
That explosion was swesome!
by Mr. Swesome September 12, 2010
Basicly THE word for an Awesome person from Sweden. Its proven to be the hardest quality for any none-swede to have!
*A Swede doing some good stuff*
-Dude, Swesome right there!
by Fo' Life! September 08, 2010
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