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A pharse used by Internet geeks as

So awesome

its swesome
Haha Wow thats swesome!

My cat is swesome.
by bUllringer November 15, 2009
1 2
cool, awesome, sweet, stuff like that.
(origin) invented by some kid that was trying to type "awesome" on a.i.m. but hit the "s" key by accident
Holy moly!! That was SWESOME!!
by d-bloch August 23, 2006
13 3
"so" and "awesome" got together, had a baby, & named it swesome.
Man, I am just so freakin' swesome.

Damn I'm looking mighty swesome today.

and so on.
by canadiantexan June 01, 2011
1 1
The combination of the words 'Sweet' and 'Awesome.'
Cool Guy 1: "Dude, I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance!"

Cool Guy 2: "Dude, that's swesome!"
by S.lence December 31, 2010
1 1
Some one that is called Sam but who is incredible awesome and sexy
Hot chick 1: Oh who is that guy over there

Hot chick 2: Thats Sam, he is so swesome
by Legend wait for it dairy December 08, 2010
3 3
Swesome is used in place of the word awesome when referring to something that is more that awesome.
That explosion was swesome!
by Mr. Swesome September 12, 2010
1 1
Basicly THE word for an Awesome person from Sweden. Its proven to be the hardest quality for any none-swede to have!
*A Swede doing some good stuff*
-Dude, Swesome right there!
by Fo' Life! September 08, 2010
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