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The codeword you use when you're walking with your boys and you spot a fine ass with a douchebag boyfriend.
Dude Jessica's So fucking hot but that guy she was with was a total swerve-bank.


*one friend spots a hot girl with a douche and just utters "serve-bank" as they pass by*
by Nick Stark July 25, 2006
A douchebag you see hagning out with a hot girl.
You and your boy are walking down the sidewalk and pass a complete douche (usually a jock or emo kid or a metro douche) whose going out with a hot girl and you'd rather be with her instead of the douchebag. So in order to tell your boy that you utter, or many times yell, SwerveBANK!

*OMG dude did oyu see that girl at the party last night?
-yeah dude but she was with a total swervebank.
*fuck it dude lets go curbstomp that swervebank and find that girl.
-YERF!!!! (*see YERF for further comprehension.)
by Nick Stark August 16, 2006
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