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a. A hand gesture people using your index finger and thumb, making a "little bit" sign. popular among males in high schools, and used to make people look at your hand either above you hand or below the waist.
b. Also, is used as a reference to passing weed the drug to another. Instead of holding it like a cigarette, it is held in the swerv sign. And thus, "Swerv" was born
c. Something a lot of people think is dumb and pointless.
"Whats that?" *point finger*
Person looks down at hand, and sees theyre making a swerv gesture.
"Haha" they both laugh.
by MelissaRC GHCHS February 22, 2010
To Sike or to change your mind, hell no!

Can be used after working someone
Oh he looks cute from far away, oh wait no he doesn't! Swerv

Your mom is so dirty she brings crabs to the beach ohhh swerv!
by VickyTrollen March 04, 2013
Swerv-A combination of the overhyped word 'swag' and 'perv'. Used to refer to someone with a chat id with the word 'swag' in it, that is acting like a 'perv' or a 'troll'.swag perv trollid chat
Every chat room on JTV social has at least one swerv.
by Goldenbear_hk_84 October 30, 2011
Adjectives, both gender specific. SWERV is a gay term used to describe an attractive male. SWIV is used by straight men to describe an attractive female.
dang, that swerv go.
by Anthony and Vic during work hours November 07, 2007
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