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(swel'bow) n. water filled balloon elbow(s) due to crash landings, typically from skateboarding in such terrain as pools, bowls, miniramps, vert ramps, or street.
Roger: "Dude, my swellbow is dormant... long as I don't slam on it or wear good elbowpads, it's good."

Mark: "Sweet! Keep it that way... swellbows are no bueno."
by Just another skater March 17, 2006
When you fall on your elbow and it swells up.
Dude, I have the worst swellbow ever
by Sean Sallings July 31, 2003
when you were skating your favorite spot in town , then u fall catch your self with your elbow.. later its a huge ass bump that hurts
(kick flips 10 set lands but falls on impact) fuck bro AHHHH i got a swellbow
by big emmanuel from NY March 14, 2004