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a person who is being extra nice or "sweet" for any number of reasons, i.e. food, rides, to copy work, to make up for something they did wrong, sex, money, ect.
jenny was sweetface today only becouse she needed money for lunch and didn't do her homework.
by bleeeeeeeeehhhhhhhh January 12, 2008
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An adjective. Often used to describe a woman. Someone with a pure, friendly, and calm face. Their facial features are usually delicate and soft. A person with a sweet face isn't pretty or cute... They are beautiful.
Dan: Did you see that waitress at that coffee shop?
Tom: No. Why?
Dan: She had such a sweet face. We 'ought to get coffee there one day.
Tom: Whatever, man.
by The nymph February 26, 2014
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Someone who says or does something that is so ridiculous that you literally have no way of expressing your feelings except shouting out a random phrase, thus "sweet face".
Guy 1: *says something really gay*
Guy 2: Ooo, yeaah, sweet face!

Guy 1: *Pops his collar*
Guy 2: You have a sweet face. Seriously.
by ThatsOneL September 30, 2009
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1: *noun* Any male who is good looking and full of himself

2:A guy who pops his collar, wears tight ass shirts and is convinced he's the coolest person in the world and a ladies man.(Derogatory meaning)
1: "Man, look at TJ, he's such a fuckin sweet face. It makes me mad. Go tell Chib to pass me that chicken sangwhich!"

2: Walking by and yellin at a really preppy kid in a pink shirt-->
"Hey! Sweet Face, kid!" then whispers to his friend, "What a fuckin fag!"
by Ninja John Jimmy Bones July 25, 2006
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