Totally awesome; sweet, but hardcore.
After Kerrigan got insanely stoned and lit his pants on fire, he said it was sweetcore.
by Conah May 01, 2005
Top Definition
A word used by the band Alesana to describe their music.

Similar to heartcore.
From Feb./Mar. '07 issue of AMP magazine:

(Drew Ailes, intervewer) For anyone who may be unfamiliar with the band, can you give me a brief description of your sound?
(Shawn Milke, vocals/guitar/piano) Well, we call ourselves "sweetcore." We came up with that term because we thought it was the best way to describe how we bring the heavy end of music and the softer end of music together without using as generic of a term as emocore or something like that. So many bands are throwing around terms like that and other typical genre terms and we really feel that we're pushing the envelope a little bit and needed a new term out there for us.
by Cassy Muffin-Pants April 09, 2007
Too emo to be hardcore, too hardcore to be emo.
1. That band is completely sweetcore!

2. You're not emo, you're not hardcore, you're not metalcore, you're sweetcore.

3. That screamo band is sweetcore.
by tryingnottocare September 27, 2007
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