An extremly stupid way of trying insult someone sarcastically. If someone does or says something embarrassing in class or in public somewhere, the usual sarcastic insult would be "Nice Job" or "Smooth Move". But instead, rich preppy kids feel the need to act more like hippies or punks and insert the word "sweet" into every way of speech. And it escaladed into a revolution in saying the phrase "Sweet Life" when attempting to embarrass someone with a sarcastic insult. It has now gotten to the point where it can almost no longer be used since it now severely embarrasses the user of the phrase. Yet people still think they're cool and feel the need to say sweet life that it will insult someone.
*A kid trips and spills his lunch in the cafe*
Preppy Rich Kid: SWEEEET LIFE!

Geeky Kid #1: So now the proton galaxy will be hostile without me!
Geeky Kid #2: Oh man, I'll save the galaxy for you!
*Preppy Rich kid decides to but into the conversation*
Preppy Rich Kid: AW DUDE, SWEEET LIFE!
*Preppy Rich Kid turns around to his preppy rich friends and high fives them*
by jd dubya June 11, 2005
Top Definition
a term used when someone wants to say they're having a great day without sounding super gay. also, another way for saying cool, rad, chill, amazing, awesome, etc. the end!
that's so totally sweetlife! ferreal.
by jamie chyeah. May 25, 2008
pretty self explanatory.. when someone has a sweet life, there life is going pretty good at the time. Or it also can be used sarcastically when that person's life is not so sweet.
girl: Dude! I just got a nice new car for my 16th birthday
friend: sweet life! :-D

or in a more sarcastic way..

girl: Dude my parents are making me take a pottery class and go country line dancing with them
friend (mocking her): hahahaha sweet life?
by hollabackgurrlll April 21, 2005
1. It is another way of saying awesome or cool or any other words related to it.
2. Also used to make fun of something someone did.
1. Person 1 - I totally got Tom to ask me to the club this weekend!
Person 2 - Sweet life!

2. Person 1 - This weekend was so boring! I had to help at the old peoples home!
person 2 - ha sweet life!
by bitch! April 13, 2008
something exciting, loving your existance on this earth,
a sicker slang for cool...
placing nice with sweet life
boy#1 : dude i totally just got laid by this foreign exchange girl from french and the only word she knows in english is yes!
boy#2 : sweet life!
by O.G. Mac March 22, 2006
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