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i love the country and the people! i'm a big fan of a swedish singer bosson and meja. they're cute and talented.
stockholm is my favorite city in the world. i love to hang-out with a bonde blue eyed guy! (giggles) awww!
by kylie February 21, 2005
A country that during the Nazi regime was used as one huge extermination camp. Now used as a slang term to kill without need.
"Damn I Sweden'd that bitch!"
by Jeff Jeffson March 12, 2008
The country in northern Europe with the highest rate of suicide in Europe

I'm Swedish (wearing Swede shoes ) ; I'm going to kill myself. Goodbye Sweden!
by TrueOracle December 21, 2005
The worst country in the world when it comes to music.

Someone: Hey look, Abba.

Me: Ew.
by toenail clippings July 08, 2005
Country with the happiest people, take your children to work, public sex wahwah I love that country, Im dutch >.>
All americans should be bombed and die real painfully, *bomb that row of americans*
by xil April 13, 2005
A country full of communists and socialists. If you tell the truth, people call you a nazi.

Also the country with the highest taxes in the world. The people are held hostage by the Social "Democratic" governments fag ass economical policy. The high taxes and gas prices (over $6 per gallon) has resulted in a high unemployment rate of about 25%, those lazy ass people are sitting around all day living on other people's tax money.

This definition was written by me, a Swede living in the USA.
Only communists and slackers wants to live in SWEDEN.
by Olov April 10, 2005
Quite possibly the most uninhabitable country since Canada (no, that's just a joke because I hate Canadians and Canada so much...).

Everything that sucks about Sweden:
1)The taxes are mind-blowing
2)It's run by a communist government
3)There is no other country on Earth that gives such power to feminazis
4)There is no other country on Earth that has so many brain dead politicians

And the list goes on and on! It doesn't ever seem to stop! I could probably write a novel on how many bad things there are about Sweden. However, to make things fair, here are all the good things about Sweden.

Everything that rocks about Sweden:
1)The landscape looks kind of nice
2)Not overpopulated

And that's pretty much all I can think of. I can probably count the number of good things about Sweden on my fingers. Basically, this country can be summarized in two categories, "too little of everything good" and "too much of everything bad".
Sweden: You wouldn't want to live there after living in a better place, such as anywhere else in the world, but it would be nice for a visit. Well, maybe not.
by BusinessMan April 25, 2005