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When, after vigorous physical activity, a man's ball sack becomes moist and syrupy. When the man takes off his shorts, his sack swings up into his face, and sticks to his forehead. This common problem causes temporary blindness and loss of balance.
This can also occur if someone is attempting to give the man head after he has exercised or dipped his sack in hot wax. This can cause third degree burns and often results in death.
To avoid this common issue, simply wipe the excess sweat from the sack with a moist towelette every 3-5 hours during physical and/or sexual activity.
Do not allow your sack to become a danger to yourself and others.
"I had a massive sweatsack attack after football practice yesterday."
"What's that gooey stuff on your face, Charlie?" "Oh nothing. I just had a sweatsack attack."
"So why did you dump Brad?" "He gave me a huge sweatsack attack last night."
by Boris Kruschev January 27, 2008
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