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Sw.ay.ze (adj) and or (Vrb) - to kick ass, get the girl, business in the front party in the back! Dirty Dance but also be sensitive and respected. 80's cool!!!

Def, Dumb, Dope, Fresh, Stupid, Retarded, Gangsta, Crunk, Hyphy, Totally Awesome, The Joint, Radical, Killer, Kickin', Gnarly, Excellent, The Shit, ect... To be cooler then cool; ie ICE COLD!
by Gigantez August 18, 2010
3 6
Go crazy like Patrick Swayze

She said boy you crazy. Nah I'm Shwayze
by YaoBling April 12, 2011
1 5
the process of getting drunk or being drunk
Get swayzeeee! I'm about to get so swayze toinight.
by swayze girr November 08, 2010
1 5
Adj. - Defines something that is cool or awesome.
"Watching Godzilla fight George Clooney would be so Swayze"
by conorcurtis March 29, 2010
5 9
The act of dissapearing from a scheduled apperance or breaking a commitment for being somewhere. A term also used when the person it is referring to has been missing for a long period of time and intentionally avoids contact with others. The Word swayze refers to Patrick Swayze's movie Ghost and in turn swayze refers to "ghost" like presence.
Man Feta, and Dino have been swayze lately!
Ever since George has been with his new girl he has been Swayze!
As soon as Dino met Ricky at the party they were swayze!
by Thano March 06, 2008
27 31
VERY IMPRESSIVE; super awesome act or feat most likely realting to the late actor Patrick Swayze.
It was so Swayze when you ripped that guys adams apple out!!
by Nerd's & BBQ's September 24, 2009
5 10
Originating from the celebrity Patrick Swayze. Swayze is adjective used to describe a noun in it's most utmost & positive form.
Person A: Dude, I just bought this new jacket for my date tonight. Do you think she'll like it?

Person B: Definitely, you're gonna look swayze!

Person A: A-Rod just hit another home run, that guy's a beast.

Person B: I know, he's pretty swayze.

Person A: Did you hear the new DMB cd?

Person B: Are you kidding me? I can't stop listening to it. One word comes to mind when I hear it, "Swayze".
by September 15, 2009
6 11