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Swanson Line:
Named after Joe Swanson from family guy. The Swanson Line separates disabled people into two categories. Datable and non datable. For example, joe from family guy is a paraplegic but he is strong, smart and a very capable police officer. Joe is right on the line. A little more disabled and he would be below the Swanson Line and therefore not datable. A little less disabled, and he would be clearly acceptable as someone to date or even marry.

Other examples:

Stephen Hawking: smartest man on earth and rich but just too disabled to be a viable partner. He is below the Swanson Line.

Jim Abbott:
Amputee and athlete. Clearly disabled but not nearly disabled enough to hurt his chances. He is an example of being above the Swanson Line
I lost my arm when I was a kid, but it wasn't until I also lost my legs and ended up in a wheelchair that I dropped below the Swanson Line.
by Never loved May 19, 2014
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