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Derived from the legend that a swan is mute until moments before death during which it sings a beautiful song, a swan song is an action ending something epic.
After the concert, they said they would never perform together again. That concert was their swan song.
by thisformisstupid July 28, 2005
the last act or manifestation of someone or something; farewell appearance.
It was the team's swan song to end their season by winning the championship.
by tbible November 29, 2003
A failed attempt at creating a graceful name or pseudonym which departs from usual or accepted norms, standards, titles and gamer tags.
Some kid was tired of using Zambonic, so he tried SwanSong instead.
by Pagahue November 13, 2011
Easily the best album of 2008 by the 6 member band called Hollywood Undead; often known for wearing masks and rapping about MySpace, alchohol and the scene style.
Person 1: Hey, did you get Pretty. Odd. this year?!
Person 2: Pfft. No. Pretty. Odd. was terrible. Swan Songs was the best of ohh-eight.
by Ohhh;; it's Jamie. <3 February 27, 2009
A dramatic visual novel with a lot of rape scenes. Its story talks about humans trying to survive after a massive earthquake.
"Swan song is seriously f*cked up"
by Glael September 09, 2015
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