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a fat ass lip, a big pinch of dipping tobacco.
Yo james wanna go pack some swamp nuggets?
Fuck yea I do.
by papa_ritz January 14, 2013
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Noun. Elongated pieces of poo with a swampy texture.
My dog made some swampnuggets behind that tree.
by DPakkk February 04, 2011
1. When alligators drop off timber in the swamp, they leave swamp nuggets. They are large nuggets of poop that float around in the swamp. Usually they are the size of small child. 2. It can also be a potential basketball team.
1. "Watch out for them swamp nuggets when you tread through the swamp! That smell never comes out!"
2. "Louisiana Swamp Nuggets, NBA"
by rockstar99 March 09, 2012

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