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A dirty female who frequently gets with people in the hood.
dude#1: hey im gonna call ashley
dude#2: dont call that nasty ass swamp penguin!!!!
by K-ryle December 05, 2005
A black and white flightless-bird (often described as having a fur coat resembling a tuxedo in appearance) that has strayed seriously out of it's element due to a rare communicable disease known as swamp fever. Few survive.
Be wary of swamp penguins as they are disoriented, agitated, and easily startled. They can strike without warning and have razor sharp poison tipped beaks. Do not approach, or try to entice the creature by imitating a dead fish. Contact local wildlife authorities immediately and surround your house with an unbearable number of garden gnomes and pink flamingos to distract the beast and keep it at bay.
by DingdongsAreForever March 03, 2009
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