A Philadelphia area term for a poorly wiped ass. Also could refer to chronic dingleberries.
"I had to rush out of the bathroom this morning I got a major case of swamp crack."
by bernard l. October 26, 2007
Top Definition
the next stage from GIG BUTT.

its profound and unstoppable sweating and soreness and seapage from the anul passage.

the only temporary cure is a shower head turned to cold setting.
even after numerous COURTESY WIPES, there is still excess SEAPAGE and soreness which in turn developes into SWAMP CRACK.
by the chodfather July 04, 2009
The condition of your ass crack when you haven't wiped completely and your behind is moist, causing itching or rash.
Person #1: "My ass crack is moist and itchy."
Person #2: "Sounds like a case of swamp crack."
by Garleig43 October 23, 2007
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