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swämp\ \ˈbäg\

Function: noun

1. usually vulgar: stinky, sweaty, smelly, gross, or generally foul female genital organs
2. usually vulgar: when unseen, a powerful force luring unwitting men into sin; yet when seen, smelled, or otherwise handled, a dangerous force that should repel all but often acts more like a sticky black tar - infecting all who enter with a coating of nastiness that refuses to wash clean

swamp boggy - adjective
Friend: Ohh man, that dragon that you mistook for a princess last night probably had the foulest swamp bog this side o' the Mississip. How horrible did your fingers smell this morning, Andy?

Andy: Dude, I don't think this smell will ever come off. I must have been pretty sauced.

Friend: No, not really. But its cool.
by B.Sad January 30, 2009
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