what you call an easy slag.
"eurgh man dat gash grindin over der is buttazz"

"i know man but she's blaitz swallow"

"safe i'll have some"
by itssimplekillthebatman May 06, 2009
•a songbird
•To cause or allow (something) passing down the throat and performing the muscular movement of the esophagus required to do this
• completely use up (money or resources)
• an amount of something swallowed in one action
Sarita was a spitter and would not swallow.

She swalllowed up all available funds.
by SuraScent July 25, 2009
When something is awful beyond sucking (as in the word sucks isn't powerful enough to describe how bad it was) then the item or action in question swallows.
Person A : Man, BattleField Earth sucked hard.
Person B: It was beyond sucking, it swallowed.
Person C: Yes, sticking forks in my eyes for half an hour would've been more enjoyable.
by morpheus June 07, 2005
used as an exclamation to express anagreeable, pleasing, gratifying, orsatisfying feeling
Barack: Did you pick up the dry-cleaning?

Michelle: We have people to do that for us now.

Barack: Swallow!
by marcoanders March 16, 2009
In espionage a swallow is a beautiful female operative used to seduce or entrap men with promises of sexual favors. The male equivalent is a raven.
During the cold war the Soviet K.G.B. typically used a swallow to seduce intelligent targets.
by Bill the Cat May 01, 2008

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