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Swaj is a word of many definitions and can be used in a lots of different contexts, but the main meanings are...
MEANING 1: Alcohol - here it is a noun
MEANING 2: (Swajed) To be drunk as a result of alcohol
MEANING 3: (Swajy) Swajy is mostly used to describe stuff like mud or something that iz soggy or something thats quite sqidgey.
Example Of MEANING 1: I have the swaj or Phil man, where's the swaj?
Example of MEANING 2: Oh man, am absolutely swajed or Andy, are you swajed?
by arran swanson June 14, 2007
4 12
n. The movie Jaws viewed backwards.
What is Swaj?

"If you watch the movie `Jaws' backwards, it's a movie about a shark that keeps throwing up people until they have to open a beach."
by TWillikers May 14, 2011
11 3
slang for a sweaty vagina
"I got some major swaj goin' on over here"
by ckeese February 05, 2012
3 6
a verb meaning to prematurely ejaculate
Person1: Omg she is so hot
Person2: Wow, calm down before you swaj you pants
by timmybiggs January 14, 2009
5 8