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The term used for a minivan with lots of swagger. Only swagger wagon members are aloud in swagger wagon.
"I took a ride in the swagger wagon tonight, I'm full of swagger!"
by swaqqawagon69 March 18, 2010
a swaggerwagon is a type of vehicle that you wouldn't be caught dead in and is so shitty that it just makes it so awesome to where it has intense swag.
friend: dude, why the hell do you drive a mini-van?
person: yo don't be dissin. its not a mini-van. its a swaggerwagon.
by rapniggas8 October 13, 2011
A metaphorical "wagon" full of swagger that, if tipped, will lead to great punishment.
That bitch tried to tip my swaggerwagon. I beat her ass before she could even come near it.
by lickmybellybutton May 21, 2010