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A swagger ninja is a person with so much swagger you can't deny it. It's very strong when you're in the presence of a swagger ninja. To become a swagger ninja, you have to take a test. There are only 6 swagger ninja's known to the world right now.
Damn, jen-gaga b.cata mligz lil't kris10 and tdauph have so much swagger, they must be swagger ninjas!
#swag #swagger #ninja #deny #gaga
by woah swagger ninja May 02, 2010
Swagger Ninjas is something you cant define, unless you are one. It is very hard to become one so keep trying? or consult B cata jen-gaga mligz lil't Kris10 & tdauph. They have so muuch swagger no one can compare to them
Swagger ninjas is just unexplainable
#swagger #ninjas #swagger ninjas #ninja #swaggies
by mysteriousss May 05, 2010
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