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In PR circles, a person who is cool or influential enough to receive swag.
Ashton Kutcher is the man, he is completely swaggable.
by theswaggler July 26, 2011
1. Someone who is handsome, dignified and takes care of themself. Socially they will glance at people and wait until talked to. Generally this refers to a male.

2. Man who generally looks good, but isn't very social. However, person is fun and interesting to talk to. Possibly a little geeky.

3. Someone that was just met who is unexpectedly cute and interesting; worth spending further time with.
"Hey Marta, that clean shavin' guy over there with the side part. He's swaggable."

"Wow, I thought this guy would be a real bore, but he's really swaggable."
by Swaggable Dave June 21, 2008