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A type of stylish cloth, such as a bandanna or towel, but in extreme cases could include shirts or generally semi-/non-raw materials or items. It can be displayed on a face, in a back pocket or other creative ways. It is used to represent the level of swag one is working with.
He got mad style with that swag rag.

Hand me my swag rag.

Get your bummy ass, filthy t-shirt swag rag wearing self outta here!
by akdamastakillah April 30, 2009
rag or cloth, used to wipe cum on after sex or masturbation.
It was hard for me to find a swag rag after beating it last night.
by Kyle JC June 22, 2007
a cool new word for tampon
hold on, if i don't change my swag rag soon i might get toxic shock syndrome
by loserwhousesurbandictionary August 06, 2011
Those Scarves/Neckercheifs. That You Get From Hot topic. That Everyone Wears...

"Adjoa Made This Up"
Dude, Did You See Leah's New Swag Ragg... The Purple one..Its Boss!
by sfio123 March 09, 2009
A rag that you wipe your ball sweat juices from the underside of you penis.
I just finished usin my swag rag when I slapped a nigger in the face with it
by Shibbster January 07, 2010
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