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A rediculous trend that's sweeping the nation. Consisting of people wearing snap backs on their foreheads, chuck taylors, flamboyant jackets and gay ass sunglasses all the time. Usually strongly associated with the music of mac miller or wiz. Mostly kids who used to play baseball, then realized that skateboarding and rap music is cool, and misconstrued that shit as cool..basically ruining that scene for everyone else who really likes that stuff. Bitches
Dude 1: hey bro, you see all those faggots wearin their hats on their foreheads? Dude 2: you mean the ones with the snap backs and sunglasses? Dude1: ya, those fags. Here comes the swag shock. Dude 2: damn that sucks, they actually think their cool..haha!!
by RYZER509 December 21, 2011
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