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Noun: Essentially a champion of swag. Someone who is victorious in all contests regarding levels of "swag". They will also dress appropriately for the role, often sporting fur/leopard print. Association with copious amounts of fine ladies is also a vital component. A true swag champion also never addresses himself as such, but will rather respond to compliment by saying something profound and walking away with some sexy bitches by his side.
Paige: Who is that cute guy over there?
Shannon: Which one?
Paige: The hot one in the leopard vest with the gold chains and wearing white shades inside.
Shannon: OHH yes he is a fine piece of ass, but you should watch out, it looks like he's a swag champion, he wouldn't treat us hoes kindly.
Paige: That's a damn shame
by SwagChampion69 March 31, 2014
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