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Suwoo is a gang-related motto for the bloods. It is also used to inform other blood members that the cops are coming, so you say suwoo to the beehive. The "bees" are the blood members so its just a saying that many people use even though there not real bloods, they just try to act like it. Originated from lil wayne and ymcmb (young money cash money billionaires). Just a note.. dont scream suwoo if your not a blood cause your going to get shot. And yes, the circle around your eye that people make with your thumb and pointer finger, is a blood sign.. so don't do that in public either.
Ace Hood- Hustle Hard (Remix) ft Lil Wayne & Rick Ross
Lil Wayne: "Free my nigga T.I, Suwoo to the beehive."
by jbrownx21 June 28, 2011
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