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Probably the shadiest part of the West Midlands it's on the map because of the year 8/7/9/10 road men that take over the streets. There starter pack is usually: a stone island jumper, Moncler gillette, Moncler polo shirt, Emporio Armani man bag, Emporio Armani jeans (or any designer jean brand), Armani Jeans cap, Air Max 95 or Tns or Huaraches. Yes these are your 'harder versions of road men'. Oh and if you ever see a kid pulling a wheelie around this area you are free to assume they are part of BikeLife Birmingham.
'Yo mom lemme go to Sutton Coldfield with my mates and get a cheeky Nando's and maybe rob Poundland, depends wot mood I'm in'
by NuttyGeeza2489 March 07, 2017
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