The best activity in the world.
Also a great way to see men in body hugging suits.
Let`s go dude, surfs up
by Oats March 21, 2004
If ill fortune strikes.Comes from the activity of hedge surfing when you try to jump on a hedge and stay on top. Usualy the hedge ends up in a bit of a mess. The word is referential to the state of the hedge post surfing. You can add ed or ing to the end to make sense.
Crashed my car to day, fucking surf
by neil kilby April 24, 2006
To browse or search through Internet web sites or TV channels.
I'm surfin' the 'net.
by B-Drac September 19, 2003
To search, look for or seek out something.
Andy: "Man you on deck now"
Rob: "Nope, I can surf and hit you back later"
Andy: "OK, Later"
by Anonymous_too September 07, 2007
Stuck Up Rich Faggotassmutherfucker, or surf. A term used to describe a person who is part of a rich, upper class family and thinks that they are better than ordinary people because of the certain vagina they came from. Predominantly white people, these fags think that because their PARENTS worked hard to get ahead (or because their parents were surfs too) that they have the right to have a sense of accomplishment.Go fuck yourselves.
Surf: Oh...nice Camery...well i'd best be off in my custom Porsche Carrera GT that my parents bought for me. Time to go off with my undeserved sense of accomplishment like im Kevin Federline or something.
by MJ Kip March 18, 2006
A snowboarding term used instead of the word "ride".
Look at all that Pow, who wants to go surf the Der?
by BiG nELLs January 23, 2005
Ya chick surfers suck and pretty much all of them cant really surf and there only interested in seeing the "hot" guys that they will never have cuase there ugly as fuck.

You dont surf unless u have surfed a wave over atleast head high, and can actualy surf.

You can say you HAVE surfed but dont say u surf. NEVER SAY THE FUCKING WORD DUDE!!! YOU DONT SURF!!!! SHUT UP!!
You dont surf just becasue you wear surf clothes or own a surfboard.
by some kid whos better than you! August 24, 2005

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