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simple marketing idea based on the concept that the higher the demand and lower the supply, the higher the price. It can also be proved by the concept that the lower the demand and higher the supply, the lower the price. Is has nothing to with Linux is free and the demand supply or irrelevent since it already costs $0.00 to get and and $0.00 buy.
Dumb people are fine, but they ones that post useless definitions are just plain anoying.
by zbowling January 19, 2004
lower demand=cheaper, higher demand=pricier, another bullshit excuse to get ripped off by the market. The US Economy is run by motherfucking retards.
Supply and Demand is why things nowadays cost too damn much.
by smektala ahmed June 02, 2015
A basic rule of economics that Linux users will never understand.
by Mac user May 04, 2003

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