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azn with the tightest pussy
supipoop has nice boobies
by David smells April 05, 2003
2 7

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strange girl whos smrter than me
and shes azn
im stupid oops i craped my self
by blackDragon0421 April 05, 2003
4 9
omg! can we say PER-ver-ted!! anyways, this "supipoop" is an "asian" of the "thai" variety. shes dangerously smart and i think shes a spy.... from the communists in russia!
by cheesydish! April 07, 2003
2 8
A smart skinny very horny Azn girl who wants to skrew everything but not every1.
Supipoop will skrew a Panda but not Dumbski
by Dumbski April 06, 2003
3 9