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A (usually) rock band made up of popular and established artists. Oten assembled for a single project and usually heavily hyped, drawing on the combined popularity of the individual artists.

May or may not be successful

See also: synergy, eric clapton
Damn Yankees
Velvet Revolver
Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young
Band Aid
The Firm(the rock and hip-hop ones)
by henry lynn February 22, 2005
Basically cunts who own. everyone. especially WindsaaCrew, who are shit at smash. called SG for short, and can be written SuperGroup. combined of AC, the boys, BBT and a few others who don't fall into those 3 groups. absolutley no females whatsoever.

There is only 1 SG.
Super Group: We owned your faces in Smash. and life. we are the superior group

WindsaaCrew: Ow my face!

SG: We own. *claim*
by SG Samus March 02, 2008
A bunch of old famous musicians who used to make good music with their famous bands forming another band. Based on the popularity of their old bands. Usually this band makes music that is mediocre at best and just jam on stage for a bunch of other old people who liked their old bands. While not always bad these bands tend to make music that sounds outdated.
by Slash Clapton Dio Page February 10, 2010
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