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Something so hideous, trifling, busted, beat up, or just down right messed up that you can't explain it any other way than this.
"Did you see Tom today?" "Yeah he looks like a hobo!" "Yeah I can't believe his parents let him leave the house looking so super-grimey faultilicious (S-oo-per-gr-I-mee fault-ee-lish-iss) and such."

"Hey my dad just got me this brand new car for my birthday!" "Really? Wow that's great...congratulations." "Yeah thanks that's what I thought too until I found out it doesn't run, because he just got it from the junkyard...he said 'Hey it's new to you right?!'" "Really?! Wow see now that's just super-grimey faultilicious for real tho bro...i'm sorry."
by MiiSTA MAGiiK FiiNGERZ™ December 14, 2008

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