To work with superhuman determination, efficiency and competence, so as to successfully complete a seemingly impossible task in record time. Success is a key element; if you don't succeed despite your disadvantage, you obviously didn't supertool.
The bar exam is tomorrow and I haven't read anything all year. Time to supertool.
by harrison.justin.p June 25, 2007
Top Definition
Someone who exceeds the qualifications for a normal tool(see tool for tool qualifications); a person who is called a tool by OTHER tools.
"That blond hair guy is such a tool, i mean, just look at him trying to act cool with his junk car."

Guy1: "Dude, that guy is such a tool"
Guy2: (whispers to guy3 next to him) "Did that tool just call that other guy a tool??"
Guy3: (whispers back) "That other guy is obviously a super tool then"
by Noob69 May 16, 2010
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