One who is so high, he/she can not function. This individual is so high they can only mumble, drule, feel numb, and sometimes can end up crosseyed. He/She is so high they do not make sense in anything they do. They are completly dumb.
Timmy: Dude lets smoke a huge one!

Jimmy: And get super stoned?!

Timmy: Ya dude, so su stoned we are stonder than a cheese man on ice!

Jimmy: Right on man, I want to get super stoned like I wanna be stonder than a stoned man in the stoned ages getting stoned by all the stoners!!

Timmy: Whoa bro, you are crazy man haha

Jimmy: haha why not?
by Yon Mon May 02, 2011
Top Definition
the state of super wastedness usually experienced after buckets
Fuck man, I wasint just stoned I was super stoned'
by Annie April 07, 2005
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